Why Build a Website: The Internet Is Booming With Opportunities!

This website talks about building websites and how to make money online you may be wondering:

“Do I need a website?”


“Why would I need a website”

or perhaps even thinking:

“I don’t need a website.”

If you are thinking any of these thoughts, let me tell you this:

The Internet is booming with opportunities, and everybody who is starting today will be reaping the rewards in the years to come.

It does not matter if you live in the U.S. in Malaysia, or in Poland. It does not matter if you are tech-savvy or just learning how to use the computer. All that matters is whether or not you have the desire to succeed and are willing to do what it takes.

Whether you want to create a blog to make some extra money working from home to supplement your salary, or build an online business and generate a six-figure income working from home or living on a beach in a remote country – it can be done.

It’s not just about working from home, but you can also make your home wherever you dream. You can create your business in way that you can move to any place and still run your business – the only thing you need is your computer and an internet connection.

Now, I’m NOT saying that creating a profitable online business is quick or easy, because it’s NOT. I’m certainly nowhere near six figure income myself. In fact, you should NEVER believe in Get Rich Quick schemes. Period.

As with everything in life, there are no shortcuts to success online. It takes the right knowledge and a lot of hard work. Even though I don’t consider myself an expert, I can to steer you in the right direction, so if you are not afraid of hard work, you can get the results you expect!

Great Things About Making Money Online

So what is so great about starting a business online:

    • It requires almost no initial investment, compared to every other kind of business. You can start it on any budget – you don’t need a good credit score, or a business loan. Right now, with less than $500 (actually, with even less than that if you wanted), you can start your own online business. Some people have started very successful businesses with zero investment.


    • You can do it from anywhere – just imagine being able to work from your home while taking care of the kids, a beach home or an exotic country – and get regular income coming it through your own website. It’s not just being able to work from  home. You can structure your business in way that you can be anywhere and still run the business.


    • You don’t need to know HTML, programming languages, or be a computer geek. The technical skills required are minor, and more and more services are available to make it even easier for complete beginners. Many people shy away from the thought of building their own website because they think they need to know HTML, programming languages, or Flash, etc.


    • You can literally start your own online business within hours, from anywhere in the world. No experience necessary – you can learn as you go.


    • You can create a passive income, so that I don’t have to work for every day.


    • You can live their passion without any degree or background. It’s really about sharing your gifts and helping others.


  • You don’t risk anything. Will you have creditors coming after you and have to declare bankruptcy, as is the case with most other business ventures? Absolutely not.

make money online
Yes, it still takes time to do it all, and let’s say that you’re really slow, and it takes you a few months to get things going.  But, with the tools that exist today, it’s possible to put together a complete website in a weekend – without the knowledge of HTML or any programming languages.

What is more, you can find products to sell or even create your own product – selling your knowledge or expertise. All in a few days. Or less.

If you decide that this year you will indeed start your own website, build your mailing list, and start making money on the Internet, you will have created the most valuable asset you could ever own.

While the results will not come overnight, if you keep working on it, success will happen.

Consider this quote: “We usually highly overestimate the number of things that we can do in a year, but we underestimate the number of things that we can accomplish in five years”.

While five years may seem like eternity to you, try to go back five years and think of what you accomplished during this time.

Then fast forward five years – where do you want to be? What do you want to be doing? How do you want to earn your living?

The choice is yours.

Read the articles on this BuildAWebsiteAcademy.com site and start building your online business today. If you already have a business, this course will teach you how to build a web presence that will help you find more customers, build relationships and ultimately make more money.

I also highly recommend the Keyword Academy course. It’s highly affordable and very effective.

Good Luck!

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