Ways of Making Money Online Without Any Fees

With websites like HubPages gaining popularity by attracting so many people just by suggesting ways for earning money online, I too decided to put down some points and help people with money making online. I will provide you with the basic information regarding making money online but remember these are mere ideas. The only way these ideas will prove beneficial to you is only and only if you try to make them actually work. This takes a lot of experience and a lot of research and information.

Sharing Information with AdSense

The Product

Here we are going to take the written articles as the product; the written articles which attract traffic from search engines. In order to be successful you have to make sure that the topic of your article is evergreen and usually very popular, as they get searched by people on many big search engines like Google. The factor which leads to success here is quality. You have to make sure that the content of your articles is rich in information and high in quality. Just like any other thing in which you want to gain success, you have to improve your work quality in this area too. It will take a lot of hard work for you to come up with creative and high quality content which gets high ranking in search engines like Google.

How You Make Money

Adsense is great when it comes to placing ads. It helps you a lot throughout this process. Adsense helps you in matching those ads which match the content of the article which you have written. Since Adsense is targeted highly and because it gets viewed a number of times by advertisers, it is used a lot to place ads. This is how you get money. The amount of money you make however depends on the topics which you write on. The commercial topics get paid more and these topics are further categorized into topics such as finance and money earning; these topics get paid more. However, according to me topics don’t matter. The only thing which matters is how good you can write on a particular topic. So always choose the topic on which you can produce the best possible article.


When you start off with Adsense you might not get a large traffic. It is hard for you to get traffic during the first days of your Adsense usage. Also when you first start using Adsense only about 4% to 5% of the people click onto your ads, because of which you’re earning in the very beginning would be very low. Also you might not know exactly how much traffic your content would gain. When you get used to the website and you come to know the exact pattern which must be used only then you get the hold of AdSense and you begin to make money but all this takes a lot of time. You do not get to know the results in the beginning which is very daunting and one of the major challenges to face.

Why I Like it?

I love this because of three basic reasons. First, you do not have to pay any fees when you start working here. And the whole process makes you learn so much, which is a bonus if you love learning. Second, you get to know how to gain traffic and each task that you complete is like you are putting money into your bank. The third thing which I love about it is that I don’t have to tackle with inventories and you can work from any place you want. The last and the best part is that you don’t have to sell to your friends or promote something which you do not believe in.

Affiliate Marketing and Lead Generation

The Product

Here the product is the blog, a website or a newsletter which advertises or promotes product to get commission.

How you Make Money

Here each action that you take helps you earn money. For instance if you are promoting a product from eBay and someone actually buys this product, you earn a commission. This commission depends on how much money was the product worth. It is just like the lead generation. In this case even if someone fills out a form you get to earn a commission.

It helps you in generating more traffic. The best lead generation software helps you in getting the right amount of traffic and monetizing it. This is when the best quality traffic is matched. You can generate brilliant leads with the help of Cotracer.

E-Commerce Selling Goods Online:

The Product:

The product here can be anything which you can sell and deliver. You just have to deliver the goods. The things which are good for selling include – the reselling of watches, jewellery etc. as they are easy to deliver. The other thing can be anything which you make like candy, hand knitted sweaters etc. You just have to sell these products at a margin and have a target market which helps in running the business.

How You Make Money:

In this case you make money for each item that you sell. The money you make depends on the number of items which you sell, so it is just like a store. The only difference between this and a store is that a store’s rent is higher than the fee for the listing.


Here the biggest challenge is of retailing. It is difficult to become a wholesaler for products online because then you have to pay for the inventories.

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  1. Paul Friar

    As ever the key here is hard work and lots of it! Too many people are simply not prepared to work hard when it matters, and expect to see results over night when that is simply not a possibility.

    There are a few tried and tested schemes that people should be using on their sites as you say. Schemes like Adsense, Amazon and Clickbank are all fairly well respected (not so much Clickbank maybe, but certainly Adsense and Amazon anyway!)

    Whatever people choose to use to monetize their sites and blogs the key to success is to treat their work as a product, and treat their site as a business, which means adopting a more serious attitude towards their work. Once they do this then they have an excellent chance of achieving success.

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