The Joy and Simplicity of Using WordPress

If you’ve been a web site owner over the last decade, then you will truly appreciate the advancements in web design and site management.

In the beginning there were basic HTML pages, and while they were effective and useful, they were extremely basic and the coding was a pain in the butt.

HTML paved the way for the internet and how web sites are built, then thanks to more programming languages and quick advancements in web browsers and video use, the way people used the internet only continued to change for the better.

Then blogging came around, a platform for people to write down their own ideas and content, while having their own little journal online. What started out as a simply way to bring content to the internet, blogging changed the way business was done online once WordPress was released.

With WordPress now powering millions of web sites, it’s never been easier for anyone to create a web site or blog of their own using the CMS platform.

WordPress makes it easy for anyone to search and download plugins and themes to completely customize the way web sites look and feel, while also allowing visitors to interact with the owners of web sites and blogs.

Blogging and WordPress has made the internet more of a conversational place than just a one sided conversation like the old world of HTML used to.

Now the internet is limitless and with WordPress available for anyone to download for free, there is no excuse for anyone to not have their own little space on the internet.

Some of the most powerful web sites and brands on the internet today are powered by the WordPress platform. TechCrunch for example, started off as a simple WordPress blog and was recently sold for millions upon millions of dollars.

With this same technology available for anyone to access… your potential is limitless.

To learn more about blogging and creating your first web site or blog, click here for free tutorials and training guides.

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