The Scope Of External Plugins In WordPress Web Hosting

One of the most important features of WordPress sites is the plugins. These plugins make the site what it is, user friendly and help with the functionality and makes almost everything possible on the WordPress site, that wasn’t possible earlier.

These plugins serve a variety of functions, by assisting to develop or monitor the SEO of your WordPress site, to eliminating emoticons from particular websites, a plugin can be coded, to do the task.

There are over 20,000 different WordPress plugins available on the market now, as plugins make everything possible to do with WordPress.

Some of the most used plugins with the broadest scope, which are required for a good WordPress site are as follows –

  • WordPress SEO – This is one of the most important plugins, as it is known to be all in one SEO solution for WordPress. This plugin eludes you from using any other sitemap, like HTML sitemaps or Google Sitemaps.
  • Akismet – Akismet plugin now comes with the standard core WordPress installation, and it filters all the spam that may be in your comments, or deposit comments according to your set criteria. Because of this plugin, you will now be safe from the target of spam. However it is important to note that this plugin has the tendency to add in some of your valid comments in the spam tab because of some specific keywords used in the comment that would otherwise be perfectly viable.
  • W3 Total Cache – This plugin is the advanced, improved version of the WP Super Cache, as it increases the performance of your site. As Google now considers the speed with which your site loads to determine if its best suited for its users, so it would be a great investment for you, as it would help in speeding up your blog. With the help of this plugin, your images and other media will be loaded quickly as it would be hosted using a content delivery network.
  • ReplyMe – The most simple plugin, yet the most effective, as it emails the commentator on your site, and lets them know you have replied to their comment, and invites them basically to respond to your reply. You can configure your reply according to what you want it to say officially, and since commentators are basically your potential customers in most cases, it is essential that they know that you have responded to their comment.
  • Newsletter Sign Up – Much like the ReplyMe plugin, this plugin permits you to collect email list subscribers, when your visitors leave a comment on your blog. This can be set up in such a way, as to thank the person for visiting your blog, or leaving a comment on it, this is basically to give importance to the person who’s reading or appreciating your blog, so that they become a regular visitor to it and subscribe to your website.

Plugins make all the tasks on WordPress possible, and transform the site into something more than ordinary fulfilling the needs of the owner of the site to provide as much as they need to on their website. Your wordpress web hosting is not a very difficult task. However, if you need any help along the way, you can get it here.

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