The Importance of Focusing on Long Tail Keywords

One of the biggest challenges for any web site or blog owner is picking the right keywords for their ad campaigns or what they want to rank for in the search results.

It’s not so much about what you WANT to rank for, but more about WHAT you can rank for and HOW people are searching to get to your site.

Of course the majority of us would like to rank for terms like “healthy recipes”, “vegan recipes,” “make money online” or “buy clothing online” but these search terms are just way too competitive and generic. Imagine how many people you would be getting to your site on a daily basis if you could rank for a generic term like these… but how many of these visitors would actually be interested in your site topic? They are simply too generic.

For times like these we need to think about the use of long tail keywords and how they actually can provide more traffic to your web sites than going after generic terms.

A great example of a long tail keyword versus a generic keyword is “sweet potato soup recipe,” “make money online with blogging” versus just “soup recipe” or “make money online”. Not only are you going after a longer search term, but your traffic and competition for this keyword will be much more narrow and focused.

Going after generic terms will not only cost you more money and competition among the search results, but it will also bring non-targeted traffic to your web site that will result in a lower return on investment.

Even Google wants people to start using long tail keywords when using their search engine. Next time you are searching for something through Google you will notice that they recommend more searches for you in the keyword box.

It’s not only in the keyword box though. Once you scroll down past all the results you will see even more recommendations for you to choose from at the bottom of the page.

Then end result is that long tail keywords are not only more effective for advertisers and site owners, but also for the search engines to deliver the results people are looking for.

Using tools like Google Keyword Tool you can find out how many people are searching for generic and long tail keywords while also getting an idea of the type of competition you will see for these specific search terms.

If you are building a niche content web site, be sure to continually write as much content as you can around your base keywords/topic, but also focusing on all of the long tail keyword options that are also available.

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