Getting Traffic to Your Food Blog with Delicious Photography: Top Submission Sites

There are plenty of photo submission sites nowadays, and Pinterest certainly isn’t the only kid on the block. In fact, if you are a food blogger who is taking fairly good photos, submitting your pictures to food photo submission sites or food porn sites as they are called, can be a great boost in your traffic….

I have compiled the following list of the food photo submission sites where you can submit your photos. I don’t know if they accept photo collages, so I would just stick to a basic photo (but then again, I haven’t really tried yet, so I’ll let you know).

Keep in mind that the rejection is high for some sites. Just keep trying and don’t give up. Initially it might be easier to get your photo approved in less famous sites as their rules are not so strict and you might get good traffic from less famous sites too as there is less competition there.

When you submit your pictures:

1. Each site has slightly different criteria to approve photos.

2. For large, more established sites, your pictures may have to be really high quality to get approved.

3. Don’t get discouraged when your photos are not approved as it happens to everyone.

4. Try a couple of sites and see from where you are getting most traffic and which sites are approving your photos easily.

5. I have found two vegan-only photo submission sites, but by no means, don’t limit yourself to only those sites. We want to infiltrate the web and have everybody eating food that’s vegan.

Here is a list of the food photo submission sites you can try:



Let me know if you find any other food photo submission sites!

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