How to Set Up a Corporate Intranet

If you are considering setting up a corporate intranet for your business, then it’s a good idea to plan your strategy first. In this article, we will tackle about the steps you need to take in setting up a corporate intranet. There are also some tips I’d like to impart that you might find useful to integrate into your intranet system.

Setting up a corporate intranet:

A corporate intranet is an exclusive network or website hosted on a private server in the organization. It holds certain company information, business tools, applications and communication platforms that ensure productivity and collaboration within the company. In view of this, setting up a corporate intranet must consider the needs of the company and its employees in completing tasks and projects for the company. A survey can be conducted among employees to determine the priorities.

Based on the survey and the company’s objectives, develop a plan for the intranet design in terms of usage, access, capabilities and other features to achieve such objectives. Also designate the role of users in using the intranet, such that certain users are authorized to edit, delete and update information.

Find and evaluate several intranet developers or software vendors for the best services and features that your company intranet can take advantage of. Choose the provider who can find efficient, cost-effective and viable solutions to your needs.

Tips for a successful corporate intranet:

Implement a simple intranet system, which users can use comfortably. A good intranet design utilizes web-browser interface so that it is familiar to most users who use the internet. The design should be clutter-free as well as easy to navigate, find specific information and generally explore.

Social networking capabilities are also a great addition to your company intranet. Employees want to interact with colleagues, share ideas and participate in the community. Moreover, it is a tool for employees to communicate their thoughts with the company.

After launching the intranet, it is recommended that someone becomes responsible for updating information, managing the system, troubleshooting, moderating content, and other administrative tasks to ensure smooth operation of the intranet.

The intranet must also be able to upgrade to accommodate new technologies, applications and tools that may be required in the future. It is important that not only the information is kept up-to-date, but the intranet system as well.

Lastly, the corporate intranet CMS must be usable for every user in the organization. Make sure that all applications and tools available through the network can be used by every employee when needed. Be consistent with the standards throughout the system so that users get to utilize the system to its full potential.

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