How to Make Photo Collage with iPiccy is another free, completely web-based photo editing, picture collage making and sharing application that I’ve discovered recently.

Just like Picmonkey, it gives users the ability to quickly and easily edit, enhance and share their photos from any Internet browser. Thanks to both Picmonkey and iPiccy, I find myself using Photoshop less frequently now, especially for quick collages to be posted on Pinterest or Facebook.

Step-By-Step Tutorial: How to Make Photo Collage with iPiccy

The process is simple:

1. Simply go to to and click “Start Editing.”

2. Upload your photos by clicking “Upload Photo” (you will need to “Enable Local Storage”).

3. Click the “Create New Collage” tab at the top of the page which looks like 4 colored squares, choose the layout to the left and create your collage.

4. Add your photos using the “Add Photos” button. Click and drag them from square to square to arrange them and within the squares to highlight various parts of each photo.

photo collage maker

It provides some funky layouts that Picmonkey doesn’t have.

On the other hand, you cannot just add/delete cells, like Picmonkey allows you to do. From what I’ve tried, you pretty much have to stick to the layout you chose (but you can switch between them quite easily).

5. Adjust the border color (just click the black square), thickness, corner roundness etc. above the layout options.


6. When you are happy with your creation, click on “Done” in the right-hand upper corner.

7.  Save your file using the Save tab which has a disk icon on it. (If you opted for a transparent background, make sure you save your image as a PNG).

8.  Now you’ll be able to edit your creation. There are lots of different tools available, including textures, backgrounds, adding text, etc. The new menu will appear in the top section, and then you’ll have different options to choose from on the left.




When you are happy with your creation, simply save it to your computer for later use and/or share it with your networks.


Also, see my Picmonkey tutorial.

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