How To Install A WordPress Plug-In?

Word press offers a lot of plug-ins for various purposes. Most users get plug-ins just for fun but some actually uses these plug-ins for important work related purposes. The plug-ins are unlimited but there is a proper procedure that has to be followed to add a plug-in. The good thing about WordPress is that it is based on a PHP format which allows people to make changes in it according to their need. Several things can be added or removed based on the features that you need for your blog.

The nature and significance of one plug-in from another varies from person to person depending on what field they belong to as well their interests and preferences. Most commonly used plug-ins are:

  • Weather updates
  • Sports
  • Calendars
  • Fonts
  • Video Player
  • Slider

The list goes on and on and most users also take the help of plug-in directories to find the plug-in that they require. Most of the time plug-ins are not necessary but if a user wants to add them there is a proper way to go about it.

Free Plug-ins:

Free plug-ins are easy to find and can easily be looked up in the directory, none of the paid ones are found here. Most of the users are aware of the process but beginners often find installing plug-ins a tricky task. When downloading a plug-in make sure that it is the one that you wanted and is an efficient plug-in because there are various plug-ins available.

When you click on the plug-in that you want to install it will take you to its description, from where you can decide whether it is good for you or not. If it is the one that you require then click on the “install now” option and when the installation has completed a window will appear. Make sure that you click on the “activate plug-in” and when this has been done you will be required to arrange the settings for this plug-in. Remember that every plug-in has different requirements so they have to be kept in mind.

Paid Plug-ins:

Paid plug-ins are harder to find and they also are harder to install. The process can be both difficult and time consuming as a person would first have to look up a source from where he would have to download it but it will be a zip file therefore he will have to go to the admin panel of WordPress, select “plug-ins” then click on “add new”, a screen will appear with a tab where the zip file will be added and then the user can hit upload. Then the user will be directed to the page where he can click on activate plug-in and will have to set the requirements.

By following these simple steps a user can easily install plug-ins and can use the as according to his requirements. Plug-ins can be tricky but they get easier when a person gets a hang of the whole process. They can make several processes easier for a person.

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