How To Get Visitors To Your Website

When first creating a website/blog you should be focused on the content.

You want to make sure that you are posting consistent and creative posts. You should determine your theme, message and overall self-brand. Once you feel that the foundation is solid you will probably be ready for people to start reading your blog and spreading the word, right? Well, how are they supposed to find you?

Start with your circle of friends and family. Send them all an email with the link and your goal for your new site. Is it just for fun? Are you trying to spread knowledge and help others? Ask them to become followers or subscribe to your email newsletter – but don’t be upset if they don’t. One of the biggest stresses for people is receiving too much email/mail so they may be hesitant. If they aren’t interested, ask them each to forward the email to at least one person that they think would be interested. They are your support system and should be willing to help however they can.

Seek out other blogs that you can offer guest posts too. Most blog writers are extremely willing to trade guest posts as it will also help them to gain more traffic to their site. If there are any blogs that are similar to yours, they may even be willing to do a monthly spot or a permanent link-back to your site. Be patient if this takes some time – once you start to gain traffic to your site it will be easier to secure guest posts from other bloggers. You can also consider holding a contest that encourages follower and reader participation. Everyone loves the idea of getting free stuff so this is an easy way to encourage people to become a follower.

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