How to come up with an almost endless flood of killer content

One of the most essential tools for building a modern business especially online is to create and distribute the kind of killer content that your marketplace is crazy about. You’ll find that just about every single smash a product, blog, or business that got its start online used some form or another of free high-powered content to get there marketplace to take notice. Hands down and far and away the singular most powerful tool for boosting your presence in the marketplace while at the same time promoting yourself an expert in your niche, amazing content can be the backbone for your success for years to come.

The only problem is that it can be a real pain to try and create it.

What is killer content?

There is a very important distinction that you need to understand if you’re expecting to use killer content to boost your business almost overnight. This distinction is the difference between what you feel is killer content and what your marketplace feels is killer content.

Very rarely matching up without serious considerations and a fine-tuned sense of marketing, what you think is killer content and what your marketplace things is killer content are often opposite ends of the poles. While you might think that your market is interested in hearing about any number of topics in a technical and almost dry manner, the chances are that your marketplace is looking for killer content jampacked with action, intrigue, excitement, as well as the tools and tactics they need to further their goals.

Killer content is the kind of content you create when you take yourself and what you’ll be able to get out of sharing the content and instead focus only on what your marketplace is really looking for. Once you understand this distinction you can rock your marketplace like no one else.

How do you find material for amazing content?

Now that you understand the masses and major difference between the two kinds of amazing content, you need to focus on creating your own steady flow of this powerful marketing material. They are handful of different places all over the web that you can use to almost plug into your marketplace, their concerns, fears, and anxieties as well as exactly what they want to learn more about. Here are some of the most powerful tools to do just that, as well as specific strategies to help you boost your efforts.

Google News

Using your Google News feed to tap into the general idea of what is going on around the globe to make your content more relevant to today’s users is a powerful technique and one that too many marketers and business owners ignore. Not only will you be able to get an instant update on just about anything anywhere on the planet, but you’ll be able to ethically “steal” all kinds of world-class material to model your specific content after.

Maybe one of the Internet’s least known secrets for researching just about any topic you can imagine, you’ll be able to use to crank your content into the stratosphere. With a simple search feature giving you instant access to all kinds of high level professional and consumer research, this website has the potential to give your free content the meat and backbone that it’s been severely lacking.

The daily or weekly tabloids

While it might not seem like one of the most high level things you could pay attention to if you’re a serious professional or expert businessman, the fact of the matter is you could learn all of the most powerful tools for selling on a grand scale if you tapped into everything that the tablets had to offer. With some of the most eye-catching headlines, interesting intros, and a host of other takeaways you can get just by browsing these rag mags, this is another powerful tool in your marketing toolbox.

Dennis is a technology enthusiast, who is currently working in a marketing department at Web24, one of Australia’s leading providers of website hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated server hosting and SSL certificates.

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