How to choose best web hosting option for your new website

When beginning a website, one of the first things a webmaster must consider when setting up his or her site is hosting. In short, there are four different types of hosting: free, shared, VPS, and dedicated. Of the four, which is most suitable for an individual who is new or inexperienced with running a website?

Free Hosting

As a budding webmaster, keeping initial costs as low as possible is very attractive. No one wants to pour bundles of cash into a project that may not last. For this reason, new website owners tend to choose free hosting when first starting. However, free hosting does have its drawbacks. Typically, free hosting won’t offer customers the same level of service as paid alternatives. Web pages will load slower on average and customer service won’t be as responsive. However, free hosting is a great way to get one’s feet wet with owning an operating a website.

Shared Hosting

With shared hosting, a webmaster shares hosting with a group of other website owners. These individuals usually do not know one another, but the hosting resources are split among the individual sites. The potential downside to shared hosting is if one website uses a significantly higher proportion of the shared hosting resources, this may cause everyone else’s website pages to load slower. If this occurs, the affected webmasters can contact the hosting service and the service should resolve the issue.


VPS is short for virtual private server. VPS hosting takes the unused resources of multiple physical servers, and through special computer software, creates a virtual server. VPS hosting is usually not recommended for new webmasters and is better reserved for only experienced webmasters who have high performing sites. When a website pulls in more traffic than a shared hosting plan can handle, a VPS can be the next step to take for hosting.


Once an individual needs more than what a VPS can offer, a dedicated hosting plan is the natural solution. Although a dedicated server is the most expensive of all four options, a dedicated server offers the highest security and the fastest loading times for pages. Additionally, an individual whose websites are using a dedicated web hosting plan should see less unexpected down times.Starting a website can be an overwhelming task at first. However, for someone who is new to running a website, using a reliable yet affordable hosting plan will go a long way in helping lay the foundation for a successful website. For small to medium sized websites, a shared hosting plan is the indisputable best choice in terms of price, level of service, and ease of use. There are a wide variety of options for which shared hosting service to use, so please check out the following link that gives an overview of one of the most popular providers: fatcow

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