How To Build a High Traffic Blog or Website

There is a difference between “blogging” and creating relevant content for your web based information business. Bloggers write about novel things, the news, what they think about something, personal development, how to live a better life.

This content is fine, but it leaves these bloggers scratching their proverbial heads because they end up with a blog that has a lot of content, some of it bad, some of it good, some of it great, but little to no traffic to show for it. The part they’re missing is that they’re not solving anyone else’s problems, they’re just scratching their own itch. They’re creating the kind of content that they wish they knew about, but it’s not always the content other people want or what other people are searching for in a search engine.

That’s the secret to building a high traffic blog or website. You need to create compelling, unique content that solves the problems of a given audience and market. You need to go inside that market and figure out where the weak points are and create content for those weak points. Do that, constantly, over and over again on a weekly basis and good things will start to happen. So for example, you have a website on the universe and space. What kind of things do you think people would type into a search engine? “How big is the moon”, “why is Mars red”, that sort of thing. So while it’s good to provide high quality content, don’t forget to answer people questions.

Why would you want to do this? First, you will begin to get search engine love for your website because you’re writing all this great content that’s a wonderful match for a variety of keywords. Not these, big, super competitive terms, but natural long tail keywords that your content will attract naturally as you’re solving peoples problems because people are typing in questions looking for answers and finding your website.

Next, you will develop return visitors. Return visitors are people who like your website and are coming back to it for more information. Think about all the websites out there. What are the top 7 websites you visit the most? Why? As a return visitor to these websites yourself you can see the value of having return visitors.

Also, return visitors are your number one best indicator of your websites success potential. To be blunt, if people are not coming back to your website, if you have no return visitors, your website is a failure. To build return visitors, not only publish content that answers problems of your target audience, but make sure you update your website regularly. Regularly means once a week, minimum. People know when a website has gone stale. So a mention to a Spice Girls concert or why time shares are a rock solid investment only demonstrates that your website is dated and out of touch.

To create a website that become a high traffic website or blog update your website a minimum of once a week. Write content that answers problems and goes after long tail keywords. Keep this pace up. At first it’s like rolling a bolder up a hill. But with enough quality content that servers a specific purpose for a specific topic will result in your website becoming the go to source for answers on a specific topic or problem.

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