Case Study: How A Real Estate Agent Can Set Up A Killer WordPress Website In One Weekend Or Less For Under $150!

More and more people are using the web to search for homes, and this trend is only going continue for years to come.

No wonder, real estate websites offering the latest and greatest tools to find homes online are popping up left and right.

So how about you?

If you are a Realtor, you need to get into action TODAY!

You need to build a website that will showcase your skills and areas you work. This will greatly improve your credibility and add as a powerful means to marketing yourself. Even if you have a page on your company’s website, that is NOT ENOUGH to truly benefit from the potential provided by the internet.

And I’m not just talking about setting up a website with your contact information and current listings.

You can do so much more…

Start a discussion group/info page about what’s happening in your slice of the world. You become the source of information, the watercooler, the person to turn to. Of course, if you spend ten minutes on it and then move on, it’ll fail. But, if you spent 30% of your time working on your page (building it, curating it, promoting it), what do you think would show up in Google searches? What sort of interactions would you start having with people thinking about your little part of the world? Even better, what if you built a blog about your town, as good as any local paper, with high school sports and tax controversies and everything… don’t you think the right people would read it?

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For more inspiration on what you could write about, visit:

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Using the Internet to find clients and market your services is one of the most efficient and cost-effective ways to find new clients and advertise your real estate listings. A website that has content properly optimized for search engines will allow you to target people looking for listings or real estate brokers in your area.

You also need to get into the social networking game. Start a Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter account immediately and start building your social networking presence. Build a strong profile and start adding friends, and you’ll be amazed at how quickly you can build a database of potential clients. People like to see what other people they know are doing, and this is a great way to market yourself and show people what you have going on in your life and your business.

Case Study: A WordPress Real Estate Website Any Realtor Can Easily Set up In One Weekend or Less  For Under $150

house4_s The following is a fully functional real estate website that has been set up in just one day using WordPress and AgentPress Theme.

To visit the site go to

The cost? $99.95 for the theme, plus hosting and domain (usually you can get one domain for free when registering for a hosting account). Depending on which hosting you choose and for how long you want to pay in advance, you will pay a different hosting fee. For example, month-to-month hosting at Hostgator costs $8.95; when you prepay for three years, the monthly cost drops to $4.95.

The AgentPress Theme provides a great way to present listings in an attractive, professional manner. Although it’s certainly possible to have an IDX feed of the MLS listings on your website, there are certain benefits to having an option to enter your own listings. Depending on your provider, MLS listing display and management can sometimes be a struggle. With this custom solution, you’ve got a stylish way to impress clients, users, and generate more attention for your listings.

Not only does this impress your potential customers on listing presentations, but it also allows your visitors to see the best parts of a listing without the typical MLS limitations.

Specifically, I’m speaking of the sellers that come to you to sell their house, or the listings you manually enter into the site to showcase on their own. WordPress is great for this because a tailored template can be used to display these listings.

With features like a main property image, detailed description, MLS and listing data, photo gallery and listing map, the listing page provides everything a buyer could want when searching for a property.

All this information is simple to type in when entering new properties and is presented in a very attractive format to the buyer. Just enter the data in the WordPress post panel, just like adding a blog post. The template has a custom write panel that has separate areas for all this information, so it’s easy to upload images, add MLS data, and create beautiful property posts on your site.




Enter Property Details

Here is the form where you would enter the property information.






Visit Studio Press site to find AgentPress WordPress Theme for realtors.


  1. Josh Thomas@Lead Flow

    I use WordPress for ALL of my real estate websites. It takes a little bit of getting used to, but now I wouldn’t have it any other way. Use to use those standard HTML editors, but I can’t imagine not having a CMS. WP has pretty much spoiled me. :)

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