Here’s The Latest Take On 4 Color Offset Printing!

Printing is an undeniable element of a successful business organization. This is irrelevant to whether you run a large scale or a small-scale enterprise. At every level, you will need to manage the printing methods as well as choose options that are more affordable than the rest when it comes to printing. The options that you have in this regards are as follows.

  • Computer printers for a personal standard of printing
  • Plotters or vinyl sheet printing for a more expansive level of printing needs
  • Digital printing offset and screen printing for a project that requires bulk level printing

Banners, posters kiosks, and many other print avenues require you place your company’s brand and message on print. These are handled at a bulk level and more often than not 4 colour offset printing is the method of choice. Most companies are aware of this ever-popular method, which allows for more affordability without compromising on the quality of the work.

The offset printing method basically uses these colors – Cyan, magenta and Yellow. These colors are mixed in varying proportions to get the best shades of colors. Therefore, you can imagine any color under the sun for your brand theme and designs. These colors will be depicted on to the banners in the maximum true capacity, which is possible. A small instance is, a larger percentage of cyan mixed with equal but smaller proportions of magenta and yellow will give a darker brown shade as a result. This is why a dark shade and especially black will need to be printed separately to give the best effect. The final result is a set of 4 colors CMYK.

The digital printing method allows you to separate the four colors within the dimensions of your design. So every shade can be uniquely represented. This is especially good news for brands that have a full color log representation and require the brand colors to be prominently featured within their brand positioning. The advertisements and banner ads can be economically printed with accurate digital representation under the offset printing method.

It is important to understand the essential features of the method. The color mixing of the process can be undertaken with traditional screens. However, many new types of equipment also allow for special screens, which have a random distribution of dots to allow for a more even color distribution during printing. These special screens are called stochastic screens. The traditional screens have a regular frequency of 60 lines per second while the stochastic screens can have a random and variable frequency.

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