Genuine Pro Blog Academy Review – A No BS Review

For folks out there looking to make some cash from blogging, whether part time or full time it is important to have a strategy to lean on so you are not throwing darts with a blind fold on. Knowing this, many folks are looking for a helpful Pro Blog Academy review, so they can decide whether or not to invest their money into this training platform.

I hope my Pro Blog Academy review helps you decide if this is the right fit for you, and I am not only going to tell you all fluff here. I intend to tell you how this training can help you build a more profitable blogging business.

For Starters…

This course was created by a man named Ray Higdon. Ray is a master blogger, and he has the proof to show you. Many times, other courses are created by people that are not even succeeding at blogging, their goal is to invade your pocket book. This is not the case with Ray Higdon, and Pro Blog Academy.

I truly believe that one should have great results before creating a course, and Ray’s results are massive. He is everywhere online for his chosen niche (MLM), and in the training course he literally shows you everything he does when he submits a new blog post to his website.

There are 4 modules, and they cover everything under the sun that can help you build a successful blogging business. After working through the course and assignments (yes there is homework) you will be ready to take massive action, and you will never have to worry about content creation issues. This course is very solid, and well worth the money.

I do want this Pro Blog Academy review to be as honest as possible, so I want to tell you about something I did not like.

Many of the tools Ray uses to get the crazy results he does are paid. So for people on a shoe string budget this can pose a problem.

It is understandable that every business requires costs and overhead, and I just want to lay it out now that the techniques and methods he uses require a small budget. A ballpark idea of how much you would want to spend monthly to have an adequate arsenal of tools would be about $200.

I hope this Pro Blog Academy review has been helpful. You can read more about this product by clicking the link in this article.

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