Debating Over Whether This Is Spam Mail Or Not?

In today’s world of advanced technologies, almost everyone has an e-mail address and mail-box. Every one who has the said email addresses has seen spam mail in their inboxes at least once. These are so common due to marketers or firm owners using an efficient mass e-mail service to help market their products. Once they find your e-mail address in any of the many internet databases or information sources that is it. The hard part is distinguishing the genuine product sellers from fraudsters who take advantage of gullible people.

Below are a few guidelines when it comes to using your e-mail so that you do not fall victim to frauds and conning game.

i. Think before you act

This may sound like general knowledge but very few take this advice seriously. Always take a keen look at the received e-mail particulars. So the sender is promising you a fortune because he is an heir in some country in Africa? Another tells you how they have won a lottery and they need you to help claim it. Do all these make sense to you? Always ask yourself questions before you take up the offer and remember all that glitters is not gold. Don’t be fooled by the promise of easy money.

ii. Never give out personal details

Nothing that asks you for your personal details is genuine. Do not give out your personal details to anyone who asks for it via e-mail. Be absolutely sure where the information is going to first. Unless you are certain it is not going to be used for fraudulent purposes, it is better to keep your personal information to yourself and yourself alone.

iii. Say no to quick money

Everyone wants to be rich and successful at some point in life but remember easy come easy go. If any e-mail suggests that you forward it to someone else in your e-mail list, just spam it right away. No one ever is paid for it and the sender jus want to play you for a fool.

The next time you get an e-mail promising you a job or something you hadn’t applied or solicited for, just go through the above tips before you could accept it or else…

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