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This is the first draft that I wrote about a year ago.

Vegan Activist Guide to Starting a Website, Getting Traffic & Making Money to Support Your Passion

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Vegan Activist Guide to Starting a Website, Getting Traffic & Making Money to Support Your Passion

What you will find in the guide (table of contents)

Why You Should Start Vegan Recipe/Health Site 5
Building a Successful Website 9
1. Create a self-hosted based blog 9
2. Choose a topic/ingredient or angle for your site 9
3. Make it fun attractive to an average person 11
4. Take lots of good pictures 11
5. Talk about your story and personal experience 12
6. Get educated about nutrition 13
7. Asses and Use Your Strengths 13
Writing Posts for your Site with SEO in Mind 14
1. Find your best potential keywords 14
2. Use keywords in your posts, post titles, and image names/descriptions 16
Start Building Your Email List TODAY 18
What should I GIVE away to get people on my list? 18
Building Friendships and Alliances with Other Bloggers 19
Make Money with Your Site 20
How would I make money with a website? 21
How to Reuse Your Content 22
Time to Be an Activist is NOW 23
Resources 24
About Me 24


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