Explore These Top 5 Colors Used In E-Mail Advertising!

Do not be so sure about the success of your online campaign just because you are paying for high quality email blast service. You also have to make sure you design high quality advertisements that appeal to your target audience.

When creating advertisements, good color selection plays a huge role in the effectiveness of those advertisements. You have to know what colors symbolize and how they could affect your advertisement efforts. Here are some things that you need to know about colors.

  • Red – Red is the most used color when it comes to advertisements. There are so many reasons why head is heavily used. One, it helps stimulate blood flow thus triggering strong emotions, passion, and appetite. Two, it is one of the most attractive colors yet. You could use red as font color for your headlines or for links that you want your e-mail readers to notice right away.
  • Black – Black is also used a lot in advertisements. This color is sophisticated, elegant, and shows a high level of exclusivity. The good thing about black is that it could e paired with any color. It could be used as a primary or a secondary color. The color or colors which will be included in a color scheme that contains black will affect the effectiveness of the advertisement. For instance, black could be paired with red for beer advertisements while it could be paired with gold for jewelry advertisements. Notice the contrast in effect even if black is used in both types of advertisement.
  • Blue – Blue is seldom used for advertisements. This might be because the color is one of the least motivating colors. This color should never be used to endorse food because it suppresses appetite. But blue symbolizes peace, serenity, and relaxation. That is why it is used to advertise various products related to health and relaxation. It could also be used with black in order to promote elegance and sophistication.
  • Yellow – Yellow is an attractive color and that is why it is used almost as much as red. Yellow can also increase one’s appetite levels and that is why it is heavily used when it comes to food advertisements. But one should always be careful when using yellow because too much yellow is irritating to the eyes. It should also be noted that this color endorses cheapness.
  • Pink – Pink is heavily used to advertise products and merchandise which pertain to females. After all, even though it’s a cliche, this color is universally accepted to be feminine. Female colognes, bags, make-up kits, sanitary napkins, and shoes these are items which are usually advertised using pink as a primary color.

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