Top SEO Copywriting Tips For Bloggers

Emma-Julie Fox writes for a Vancouver based company that provides white hat SEO services, Pitstop Media. If you would like to invite the author to guest post on your blog please contact The biggest responsibility of a blogger is to write blog posts that can capture the attention of searchers, be found by search…

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How To Build a High Traffic Blog or Website

There is a difference between “blogging” and creating relevant content for your web based information business. Bloggers write about novel things, the news, what they think about something, personal development, how to live a better life. This content is fine, but it leaves these bloggers scratching their proverbial heads because they end up with a…

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How to Make Photo Collage with iPiccy is another free, completely web-based photo editing, picture collage making and sharing application that I’ve discovered recently.

Just like Picmonkey, it gives users the ability to quickly and easily edit, enhance and share their photos from any Internet browser. Thanks to both Picmonkey and iPiccy, I find myself using Photoshop less frequently now, especially for quick collages to be posted on Pinterest or Facebook. …

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How To Get Visitors To Your Website

When first creating a website/blog you should be focused on the content. You want to make sure that you are posting consistent and creative posts. You should determine your theme, message and overall self-brand. Once you feel that the foundation is solid you will probably be ready for people to start reading your blog and…

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