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Jack and Jennifer met at the gym. Jack was a personal trainer who was so successful he planned on opening his own group personal training business. Jennifer ran a health and lifestyle coaching business out of her home. She was also very successful and comfortable living off of the profits of her business.

Then love happened. Jack and Jennifer were married six months after they met and fell for each other. They had a great honeymoon and came back ready to tackle all the health problems of the world together. They teamed up and opened an all inclusive personal training and lifestyle coaching business. They retained their clientele from before the merger. Those customers brought them more business by word of mouth because they were such huge fans of Jack and Jennifer. Jack and Jennifer were living quite comfortably. Then the morning after a rather entertaining New Years Eve party everything changed. Jennifer discovered she was carrying Jack’s baby.

The new addition to the family was a great blessing. However, they needed to increase their customer base so they could afford the costs. They decided to use OrangeSoda web advertizing. They planned to increase the flow of people to their business by trusting a well known and successful internet marketing company.

Building a Community

Jack and Jennifer noticed a large influx of potential clientele as soon as their online presence became more established. They ended up doubling their membership in just two months. Now Jack and Jennifer faced a new problem. They needed to expand their business to accommodate the larger class sizes. They talked with their landlord. It wasn’t long before they had worked out a deal to take over the unit adjacent to the one they currently rented.

The plans for expansion started in their minds and then blossomed into reality before their eyes. They saved a ton of money by using all the various skills of their diverse client population. All of their clients were more than willing to help them out with the expansion. Their clients cared about more than just having enough space to train with the added members. They truly cared about Jack and Jennifer’s family. They all shared the common goal of bettering themselves through training and lifestyle coaching. This made them more than just a bunch of clients. They were friends and family who loved working together.

Successful Internet Marketing

As the new paint dried the old wall had already been hauled off to the dump. The business now had twice the space it once had to accommodate all the new members. Jack and Jennifer were very pleased with the close knit group of friends they had created by giving them their all as fitness and life coaches. They were also very happy with OrangeSoda web advertizing. The internet marketing company had directed so much traffic to them it had forced them to expand. They were once again comfortable and living within their means even with the added cost of the newborn baby boy.

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