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What’s Stopping You From Making Money Online and Being Successful: Top 7 Obstacles To Overcome

I want to talk a little bit about the obstacles that many people have to overcome that are preventing them from even trying to succeed with building their own money-making website around their passion. 1.  “I don’t have a clue how to start and have no experience.” The temptation for many people who are thinking…

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How to Add Sizzle to Your Blog with Photos & Graphics for Maximum Sharing on Pinterest & Other Social Sites

Adding eye-catching images to your blog can make a difference between a visitor coming to your website and hitting the back button instantly, or staying for a bit longer. Attractive graphics will also help bring visitors to your site from places like Pinterest and Facebook. Pinterest first got my attention about a year ago, when…

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What is SEO? 3 Ways how SEO can help increase your search engine ranking

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and it’s an important component of online marketing these days. It works, as the name suggests, by making your website appear in the best position possible within search engine results. This is so important because search engines are the primary way that internet traffic is controlled and directed.

Think about it, when you need something from the internet, how do you try and find it? It is a similar idea to physical advertising, but more refined.

The wonderful thing about SEO is that you can actually target people who are looking for your services based on what they are searching for. …

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Top SEO Copywriting Tips For Bloggers

Emma-Julie Fox writes for a Vancouver based company that provides white hat SEO services, Pitstop Media. If you would like to invite the author to guest post on your blog please contact The biggest responsibility of a blogger is to write blog posts that can capture the attention of searchers, be found by search…

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How to Make Photo Collage with iPiccy is another free, completely web-based photo editing, picture collage making and sharing application that I’ve discovered recently.

Just like Picmonkey, it gives users the ability to quickly and easily edit, enhance and share their photos from any Internet browser. Thanks to both Picmonkey and iPiccy, I find myself using Photoshop less frequently now, especially for quick collages to be posted on Pinterest or Facebook. …

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