5 Fantastic Graphic Design Tips To Take To Heart

Sometimes you may stop to admire a design and think that a lot of money must have gone into the research and development work that culminated in the pleasing graphic result. You may be surprised to find out that if you decide to turn your attention to graphic design, you don’t actually have to be a genius to get more than highly satisfactory results, follow these 5 tips to get the best results.

1. Getting it right with fonts

It is actually surprising how many people get it wrong with fonts, remember the KISS rule “Keep It Simple Stupid”. Too often, marketing material is ruined by the overelaborate use of too many fonts that actually make the finished article look messy and lead to confusion. The best advice is to one or just two fonts one for the headings the other for the text itself.

2. Use white space to your advantage

Well implemented designs will always have a place for white space; correctly used it draws the eye of the reader to messages and information you feel is important for them. To many times designers consider having white spaces is practically a sin and their end results are generally confusing for the reader and disappointing for the designer. Make sure that you allow enough space between columns of text and don’t crowd the lines together into large chunks of text.

3. Use graphics and photos wisely

Using a few highly effective photos or graphics is far better than scattering your design with many of them hoping one might find a cord with your reader. In some cases, graphics will not be relevant to your design so don’t insist that you must insert them when on reflection there is actually no need. Maintain the approach that a graphic or a photo should only be inserted when it really positively projects your design.

4. Brevity is king

Your text copy should be short and to the point, long sentences and large chunks of text are liable to tire the reader and cause a rapid loss of interest. Use bullet points and tick lists to get the main points you want to convey across succinctly. It is better that your design leaves the reader wanting to know more rather than tired out.

5. Get the message across fast

Your readers will start from the top left and then finish at the bottom right. Adopt a style starting with a headline, then an explanation and finally a call to action at the end for example a special offer or an invitation to make contact.

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